About Me

What is my talent?

I am a writer, author, playwright, story creator, editor, international speaker, trainer, business consultant and polyglot artist.

I am comfortable on almost all genres, fiction or non-fiction, short stories, narratives, plays, novels... the limit is only the imagination, and time.  

My Experiences

After a long successful corporate career mostly in the financial arena, sprinkled with authoring stories, articles, software and aviation manuals, and textbooks while on my other role as international business and technology professor, I am delighted that now I can dedicate more time to my first interest: writing.  

You still can access my corporate page in LinkedIn.  This site is about my artistic side.  I hope you get to know more about me through it. 

My parents always encouraged the arts as a balance to business academics.  Writing, drawings, painting, photography.  While in college I was told often by my professors to quit my financial studies and continue with the gift of writing -  but we all know of priorities.  

I enjoy communicating, whether in writing or verbally. I have been a radio talk show, speaker, international business negotiator, and graduate level professor for international campuses for a long time. From Asia to Europe, the Americas, Canada.  

It's all about sharing ideas, thoughts, concepts.  

I developed a small sci-fi cartoon story when I was 7 or 8, an artist friend of my parents took it to a TV show and it was praised. I was hooked by the warm reception: I just took a longer route along the way.  

All my life experiences continue to allow me to identify, create, and develop the characters and ideas that, hopefully, you will enjoy and remember.  

Join My Journey

 We are all part of this experience called life.  Your comments provide me with the encouragement that fuels my creativity and that I need to continue.  

I may meet some of you one day in person, some only via text or blog: just know I am happy we found each other and I hope we can enjoy a cup of coffee one of these days.  If not, next time you have your coffee, imagine we are chatting...  

Imagination is... precious.